International Day of the Girl

In October 2014, MsUnderstood hosted "Our Version of Events", our first conference by and for young women, celebrating International Day of the Girl. The day was dedicated to amplifying young women’s voices and engaging them in shaping policy through involvement in presentations and workshops. Check out the videos on the left, produced by Alexis L Wood and Dimitris Mastroyiannis, and written pieces below.





Young women face a unique set of challenges. We're raised in a world in which we're routinely taught to be insecure, to feel worthless, to abide by our rigid gender stereotypes. Young women are powerful, but so many of them don't yet recognise their own ability to make a change. That's why I have chosen to be part of the MsUnderstood event, to help in encouraging young women recognise their own power..Jinan Younis, youth activist